Kaas Plateau

Panchgani is about one hours’ drive from kaas plateau. Two hours away from Pune. 5 hours from Mumbai. Panchgani is also a great diversion for travellers to and from Goa. There are various hotels, home stays and campsites to choose to stay at. Some of the notable ones are the star luxury Ravine Hotel,Homely Stay at Hotel Malas, the heritage Prospect hotel and the campsite Eco Camp for backpackers and paragliders and Sweet Memories Homestay.

Table Land

    Tableland has been credited with the privilege of being Asia’s second longest mountain Plateau. This is a wide expanse of laterite rock and this place offers the grandeur view of Panchgani hill station itself. One can get breathtaking views of Rajpuri caves and the place known as “Devil’s Kitchen” from here. Tableland provides a natural protection for the Panchgani from strong winds, heavy rains and it helps Panchgani to keep its ambience enjoyable for tourists. Table land serves as a great sports and games place for children and young.

     Table Land, at 4,550 ft above sea level, is the highest point in Panchgani. This volcanic platue is Asia’s second longest mountain plateau after tibetan platue. It is a vast expanse (around 6 km) of flat laterite rock surrounded by hills. This place offers an aerial view of the entire Panchgani and the valleys located nearby.

Shooting Point

Table Land is popular bollywood shooting spot. Many movies like Raja Hindustani, Mela, Taare Jameen Par, Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam (and many more) are shot at this place.

Pandavas Footprints

The photo on the left is Footprints of Pandavas when they were exciled. The footprints is one of the famous tourist spot on table land.

Devil’s Kitchen

Devil’s Kitchen: Situated at the south of the table land, the Devil’s Kitchen has a mythology associated with it: It is believed that the Pāndavas of the Mahābhārat epic had stayed here for a while. Pāndavgad Caves (near Wāi) are also said to be built by them then.