Wai has the epithetic name “Dakshin Kashi” (Kashi or Varanasi of the South) because of the city’s more than 100 temples. Wai is known in Maharashtra for its ghats on the banks of the Krishna River and its temples, especially the Dholya Ganapati temple on Ganapati Ghat.

Wai has long been a cultural center. Locally prominent families built several architecturally significant temples in Wai. A few kilometers from Wai on a hill 4,650 feet above sea level is the temple of Mandhradevi Kalubai, which is more than 400 years old. In more recent times, some 300 Bollywood and Marathi movies have been filmed in Wai.

Maha Ganapati Temple, Wai

Wai is known as the “Dakshin kashi of India”. It is famous for its temples and ghats. “Maha Ganpati T  emple” is here which is worshipped by many holy men and women all over the state. It is the important Pilgrim and Cultural Centre of Maharashtra.

Dholya Ganapati in Wai

      The temple of Dholya Ganapati is located along the Krishna River. It was built in 1762 by Raja Bhoja of the Shilahar dynasty to protect the town. The idol was consecrated in the year 1769 in the Hindu month of Vaishakh shuddha the 13th. It took then a whopping Rs. 1.5 lakh and 10 years of work to complete this temple.

      The temple is made out of finished stone. The inner sanctum is spacious, with a huge hall in the front. A stone floor covers the whole temple. The rear part of the temple is shaped like a fish. This structure proves useful in case of a flood as it protects the temple. The Ganapati idol is carved out of monolith, and is about 10 ft tall and 8 ft wide. The deity is acquired it name Dholya Ganapati from its massive size (In Marathi, Dholya means huge or fat).

Kashi Vishweshwar Temple, Wai

Narasiṃha Temple Wai-Dhom

A Beautiful Nrushiha Temple is situated at a small village known as “Dhom” which is placed nearby from “Dhom Dam” which is blessed with a nature’s beauty.A Dhom dam is located on Krishna river. This temple is near from  Wai city which is 10km away.This temple is placed in rural part and there is no sign boards so visitors requires local guidance to reach there.

How to visit

Wai city  is 236km from Mumbai on NH4(Mumbai-Bangalore highway)& Nrisimha temple is 6-7km on Dhom dam road.

Tip-It is better is visit at a early morning for great spiritual experience.